Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015 Part 1

Christmas Eve always starts with Santa pancakes!!!

I just make a circle and a triangle pancake for each kiddo and they decorate them.

Homemade whipped cream, fresh, sliced strawberries and green m&m's for the eyes.  Serve them up with a christmas mug of milk and you've got a nutritious breakfast...for the most part.  ;)

Oh! And I almost forgot the cherries! After all, Santa did have a nose like a cherry.  Some of the kids chose to use creative liberty...

I love how they are all different.

And how proud they are of their work. 

Love the smile, so creative.

Looks like Rudolph has been sneaking some whipped cream himself!

You can never have too much whipped cream!

Then we made Christmas cookies.

Chocolate cookies with red and green m&m's.

And chewy ginger snaps dipped in white chocolate and dusted with festive sprinkles.

Then everyone got dressed and brushed their teeth and we packaged up our neighbor's gifts.  We always make a homemade hot cocoa mix at the beginning of December to enjoy the whole month through.  This year we decided to make an extra batch and package it up with directions and a candy cane. 

Then we loaded up to go make our deliveries.  Check out my beautiful delivery girl.  Looking so grown up. 

Then it was off to Ya Ya and Pops for presents and and appetizer supper!

To be continued...

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