Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest...

Jack-I can hear God.  Listen. (long silent pause)  See, he's yodeling on the moon.


Stroman Family said...

Hello... I enjoy reading your blog... Always so uplifting and encouraging! I am also homeschooling my four children and was directed to your blog by a friend of yours. I am also type 1 diabetic (since I was 11) and enjoy reading about your daughter. Have you started another blog?

TexasNeals said...

hello! :)
actually i just decided to take the year off. i miss blogging so much and look forward to starting again in january. for now, im documenting our goings on via instagram.
i'm so glad you enjoy my blog! suzannah is doing well. i have really missed documenting her journey with diabetes. im sure there are people that read my blog that are uninterested in that part of our life, but to know that someone with type 1 reads it is so encouraging to me!!! it makes my heart soar to know that you have type 1 and are a momma to four and homeschool!!
please check back in in january! for now, you can find me on IG @redmomma5. i'd love to get to know you. who is our mutual friend?
sending blessings, especially on your journey with type 1.
thank you for commenting :)


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