Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walk to Cure 2012

The Walk to Cure was last weekend.  It was such a beautiful day!  Suzannah was so excited when she woke up that morning!
I did such a bad job of taking photos!  I feel bad about it, but here are the few I snapped.

Team Suzy Q
 My folks, friends of a friend of my folks, Jessi, Addi, Matt, Grayson, Jon, Neeley, Ava, Billy, Me (Will on my back), Charley Kate, Molly Beth and the sweet girl we were walking for, Suzannah.
 We have made it our tradition to finish last.  Ha!  Between visiting and letting the kiddos walk and Q checking her sugar (3 times this year :/ it was a record.  she was low the whole time) we just relax and enjoy.

 There was a great turn out.  And the daddies got an extra good work out!  ;)

 We finally finished!  Dead last, but we finished....and didn't even take a short cut this year!

Suzannah was so proud to be there, proud of her team that was there to walk with her and show her support and proud of all the money she raised!!!  Thank you SO, SO much for your donations!  I can not tell you what it means to us!  To know that you love us, and that you love our little girl enough to donate money to help change her life!!!  We appreciate it more that you know!  And if you weren't able to donate yet, there is still time.  We are still accepting donations.  In fact, we just had two new people join our team the other day and they have already raised $200!!!!  Yay!  We will check back in and tell you the grand total when the deadline comes.  Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, and please continue to spread the word. :)

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