Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sufficient Grace

"That perfection that you want, it will be the pin through you, right to the wall, right to the ground, and you’ll never know more.
Perfectionism is the prison that will bar you from unfolding into the wide open full life and release. And for all your work, you will flail and you will thrash and you will exhaust, and a cold wind will still blow straight down the nape of your neck –
that you are nothing but a pitiful creature who can’t get it all perfectly right."
 "You don’t need higher self-esteem. You need greater self-grace."

I needed this today.  Perfectionism is a constant battle for me and a constant thief of joy.  The ability to extend grace to others and the ability to extend grace to yourself are two very different things.  I am in need of self grace.  May His grace be sufficient for me and his power made perfect in my weakness....

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The Goforths said...

thank you for this reminder!!!


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