Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Fun

We had a very nice Labor Day weekend.  It was hot but we had good company!  The Holtons came for a quick visit!  It was so great to catch up and get to know their kids!  I remember so vividly when and where I was when I called to tell Ginger that I was pregnant and she responded with, "ME TOO!"  Our due dates were within a week of each other and we had big dreams of our children growing up together and being great friends.  Plans changed and although they didn't get to grow up together, they had a great time playing together over the weekend and are definitely friends! :)

We had a wonderful time but on Monday morning they loaded up and headed back to Arkansas.

On our way to the park on Sunday we noticed a new splash pad.  So after we said farewell to our friends we decided to go check it out.  I thought I'd be smart and wear a skirt and tank top to stay cool while we watched the kiddos play.  Billy had other plans.  He came out all decked out in his swim suit!  Fun Daddy!  The thought never even crossed my mind!  HA!  At least they have one fun parent ;)

It was a big success.  We may even try to head back again before the weather cools off.  Once everyone had their fill of splashing we headed home for some lunch and rest time.  Then it was to my folks for dinner.  It was a great weekend full of friends and family.  You can't ask for more :)

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