Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August iPhone Picks

Things have felt very busy around here!!!  And the month of August flew by!  My phone pictures this month weren't great but it's the best way for me to capture little snippets of our big life!

1.Jack playing with his dinosaurs  2.We were chicken sitting and got paid in eggs  3.needed a haircut SO badly! it ;)  5.first day of ballet  6.view from the pick up line  7.Q makes a great cowgirl  8.his first lollipop  9.being silly with my sweeties  10.Prim's first check up  11.shoe shopping, oiy!  12.Khloe and Charley  13.showing her her uvula  14.chop sticks skills  15.Jack likes to organize  16.first day of swim club

1.Will stood in an ant hill  2.allergic reaction :(  3.sausage balls...very photo worthy!  4.Q sliced her foot on the bed frame!!!  5.all my littles....even Prim  6.beautiful girl ready for her tea party  7.silly suz  8.Saturday morning  9.waiting for Q-great reading/terrible food  10.counted over 100 bites on just one foot!  11.sharing the "good news"  12.Will's idea of make-up application  13.put her cap on by herself  14.neighbors beautiful pecan tree :(  15.pulled her own tooth!!!!  16.sweet smiles on the way home from swim


Jess said...

My heart just breaks for all of the ant bites on Will. I hope he is doing much better. Way to go Molly B on being brave and pulling her own tooth! Looks like August was lots of fun and busy, busy!

TexasNeals said...

yes, jess, will's much better! thanks to benedryl and time. man it was pitiful and there was much sleep lost but he is healing well. :)


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