Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July iPhone Picks

 1. post fourth of July swimming shot  2. using up the last of the glow snakes  3. Suzannah stabbed herself with the butcher knife!  4. Q started learning guitar  5. With Charley Kate picking out Dora balloons for her party  6. my donut making helper  7. my beautiful back yard  8. "squeezies", the only way my baby will eat fruit  9. shooting me with his sock hand (the Cheetos cheese adds extra oomph!)  10. morning glories  11. smoothie mustache  12. cute cupcakes at a cute party for a cute little girl!  13. three teeth in two days  14. first day of school  15. devotionals. the way we start every day  16. silly cakes

1. cleaning up after cooking class  2. zinnias in the morning  3. Jack working so diligently!  4. Molly Beth loving on Prim  5. Will's first time to ride on the mower  6. Will and Addi  7. skinny dippin' with Prim  8. someone didn't push their chair in!!  9. Peach Pit Jelly....from a friend....oh YUM!  10. upside down Charley at Arkansas' Children Hospital  11. Will's swollen, wasp stung foot  12. I love zinnias  13.  Ck working hard  14. a book given by a neighbor that I'm not ready to need  15. solider dress up  16. we got cable. just for the Olympics though.  and then we're disconnecting.  but we really are loving the Olympics...until the alarm goes off every morning ;)


Jessi -in love with her family of four said...

I love these!!!! You are Awesome because you are you:) Love y'all Neals a bunch!!!!

TexasNeals said...

thanks jes! we love y'all too! :)

TexasNeals said...
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