Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrating Uncle Ry-Ry's Birthday

Thursday my brother would have turned 31 had he not  passed over 10 1/2 years ago.  He would be a grown man and my mind can't wrap itself around it.  I guess I'll sound like a broken record every year come August.  To me he will forever be four...or 12, depending on what characteristics I'm remembering of him. I have memories of him in his teens too, but not many.  Being four years apart we never attended the same school and we were both involved with completely different activities that took up different evenings.  Then I headed off to college.  So most of my memories fall into two categories; when he was young and did what I said and we played together a lot and he was cute and when he was in middle school and I was too cool and therefore he was obnoxious...though still cute...and he was always hilarious!

We always go out for dinner on Ryan's birthday and because he was such a seafood lover we always pick someplace that serves crab!  This year it was Outback.  Q was so looking forward to her first go at crab.  Pops taught her well and she LOVED it!!!!

We always release a balloon.  Mom and dad got a skateboard one b/c he was really into skateboarding.  At 31 maybe not so much...but who knows ;)  So after dinner we headed to my folk's house.

They even got four extra balloons for the kids to release.  They thought that was fun!

Then we sing "Happy Birthday..."

...and send them soaring.

And we watch them until we can't see them anymore.

This year I made a peach pie to celebrate.  Ryan loved peaches and I have such fond memories of visiting our grandparents in Washington State.  We would play outside all day.  We picked peaches and apples and cherries and plums and apricots and ate to our hearts content.  We gave each other wheelbarrow rides through the orchard and climbed trees and explored.  So many fun memories and they all come flooding my mind when I bite into a farm fresh peach.

It was my first peach pie (recipe coming soon!) and although I burnt the crust a little, it was delicious!

It was a great day!  And I'm now officially closer to 40 than 30!  Woah!!!!!  So happy half birthday to me and happy birthday Ry!  Love and miss you tons!


Jessi -in love with her family of four said...

What an awesome birthday celebration! Love y'all!!!

Cheri said...

What a nice tradition to keep Ryan alive in your hearts.

YaYa and Pops said...

That was the BEST peach pie ever!!!


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