Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Ballerina!

What is it about a little ballerina that makes mommies hearts feel like they may burst?!  I don't know but it is for real!  Ever since Suzannah was in ballet Molly Beth has been pining away the time until she was able to try her hand at it as well.  And her time finally came!

Her "pre-bun" picture, per her request ;)

And the ballerina bun!  Beautiful and so very blond!

 As you can see, she is pleased!

Just look at that posture!  She was made for this!!! ;)

Hahahaha!  This one makes me laugh.  This is outside the dance studio.  I wanted a picture of her with the little fairy.  The other mommies and girls were coming in and she said, "Don't make me take a picture!  You'll embarrass me!"  Well, I asked with a cherry on top and being the wondermus daughter that she is, she complied....though she does look a bit tense and awkward!  ;)

Sigh.  So beautiful.  So sweet.  

So excited!!!!

And this is how I left her (reluctantly ;).  She was a bundle of nerves and elation!  She just sat there and watched the other girls flitting about.  They seemed to know each other, either from dance or school, and I was so worried about her feeling left out or uncomfortable.  But then I remembered the hundreds of times I felt that way and how I survived every time.

She had a great time.  But she said they mostly just stretched.  Ha!  She expected to be doing "ballerina stuff" right away.  In time.  And I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Life with the Akin Clan said...

Oh I am so happy for her!! I love Tena and know she will too!!

TexasNeals said...

Me too!!!! She is so wonderful :) it brings back memories of our sweet little homeschool class.

Piano mom said...

Tena is awesome & she will do fine. T loves it!

TexasNeals said...

Thanks, Charity. Tena is the BEST!!!! :)


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