Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Time Has Come

After two months of eating badly, sleeping badly, feeling badly and acting badly the time has come to get back to NORMAL!  We cut our school year short last year b/c we had all fizzled out.  So instead of our one month of summer break we had two....and I was reminded of why we home school year round.  I am very bad when we aren't schooling.  I sleep in.  I let the KIDS sleep in.  We all stay up late and eat lazy food and I send them off to play all day long (which in and of itself is a good thing except that I didn't make them do any chores) and the training waned very much!!!!  I knew that things had gotten pretty bad but there's nothing like having company to really SEE!  Ouch.  It was painful!  How can a couple months of lax wreak so much havoc!
In our case it was a couple of things.
1.  I had agendas.....agendas that had nothing to do with my children.  It was summer break, there were neighborhood kids and they were happy to play all day.  So I made big plans to get my house weeded out and organized!!!  A good goal, but my focus was on what I was trying to get done and not on them so my attitude towards them was that they were "in my way."  :(
2.  All play and no work makes Suzannah, Molly Beth and Jack lazy children!  They got so used to not having to do anything that when I started expecting them to do their chores they whined and complained me loco!
3. "A child left to themselves disgraces their mother."
4.  And this was the biggest....we didn't do our morning devotionals!
I was so disappointed in how badly their behavior has gotten in the last two months....and it's my fault.  Being a mom doesn't get a vacation!  I was wrong to give myself permission to let so much slide.  And not starting the day with the Lord was setting us up for failure!
BUT, this is the last week off school and the changes are starting.  Chores are back in circulation and momma's watchful eye is on them!  Training has been constant and exhausting!  I hope I have learned my lesson!  Even the kids are ready to get back into our routine.  We have been doing our devotionals this week and Suzannah said that she had really missed it.  I know it helps us so much.  Next week school starts and we go back to no sugar during the week and early to bed/early to rise schedules.  We are ready!
So, here's to a lesson learned and a great start to a new school year!!! :)

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