Monday, July 16, 2012

Our 4th of July

Our fourth of July this year started out pretty terrible.
Every morning Billy gets up half an hour early to go take care of our 40 meat birds (and two guineas).  He has to fill all the feeders and wash and fill all the waterers.  Then he drags the tractor to fresh grass.  Every day.  The morning of the fourth there was no need to do any of that.  This is what he found.

Massacre.  Something had opened the lid (probably by accident while running around on top of it) and gotten in.  It killed all the chickens save one and one of our two sweet guineas.  To say he was devastated would be putting it mildly.  So much money, so much time and energy, so much FOOD gone.  Slaughter day was a week and a half away

 He spent the entire morning burning chickens and cleaning up the mess.  Our Fourth of July plans were out the window as he was in no mood for celebrating.
We headed to my folks for ribs!  It was the perfect 4th of July meal.  Ribs, baked beans, potato salad, tomato salad, jalapeno poppers and homemade salsa!!!!!  YUM!

After lunch my mom called a friend of theirs from small group to see if they were using their pool.  They were not and invited us over to swim.  We loaded everyone up, threw in a watermelon and headed to the pool.

It was so much fun!  And just what Billy needed to get his mind off those birds.

*dad and i were there too ;)  dad had way too much fun with those water guns!  wish i had a picture!

That night we did our own fireworks

and sparklers!

Will loved them!

Charlotte was more interested in reading her Bible.  Ha! ;)

 So, even though it started off rough, it ended on a good note and we were able to celebrate our wonderful country.


jennifer said...

I'm glad your day ended fun even after that terrible start. Could have done without the massacre picture. :) Love you guys!

TexasNeals said...

ha! i know but i had to document it. i left it smaller at least ;)


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