Thursday, July 5, 2012

June iPhone Picks

1. Q missing Ya-Ya and Pops...and they had only been gone 2 days 2.  Billy spent an entire weekend welding his chicken tractor.  3.  Jack loved looking for overgrown squash and zucchini in Mom's garden 4.  The kiddos, proud of the sunflowers  4.  Two sweet baby guinneas (keats) to add to our flock  5.  Molly B helping me gather tomatoes 6.Blueberry and blackberry picking  7. A happy father's day breakfast in bed for a happy father 8.   Ck showing off her beautiful rash (Rosiolla?)  9.Ck tried to burn our house down, and electrocute herself in the process by putting a penny in the outlet.  10.The kids being human flannel boards  11.Q at LETU basketball camp  12.Hangin' in the pool  13.Will fell and about broke his face :(  14.Ck reading Family Fun with Prim  15.A typical Saturday morning breakfast


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