Monday, July 23, 2012

It's My Anniversary

My name is Suzannah.  Friday was my 6 year diabetes anniversary.  I don't like Diabetes.  I wish I didn't have it.  I'm tired of having to check my sugar every time I want to eat.  I'm tired of pod changes and worrying about my pod getting ripped off and finding new sites.  I don't like how I feel when I'm high and I don't like feeling low.  I worry a lot.  I worry about passing out.  I know how dangerous it is so if I start to feel dizzy or sleepy or just kind of funny I worry that I may be low.  Sometimes I'm just nervous or even excited about something but I still have to stop and check just to be sure.  I don't like having to stop what I'm doing.  Then if I'm high I'm cranky and have a frustrated feeling inside.  Being high is hard especially at bedtime because I can't sleep.  I check my sugar in the middle of the night every night (or my parents do) because I can't tell if I feel low or just sleepy.   Then, if I am low I have to eat or drink something and I don't like having to do that.  But I force myself....and I'm getting better about it.  One time I had keytoacidosis.  I had to go to the hospital.  Lots of people came to see me and Daddy stayed with me.  It was very scarey.  Mommy says that won't happen again because my pump was broken.  But I do have to go to the hospital if we get the tummy bug.  We can't keep my sugar up so they give me a glucose drip at the ER.  So now I worry about germs all the time too.  I'm trying to learn to be safe but not's hard.  Sometimes I worry that there might never be a cure.  I also worry that one of my kids might get Diabetes.
For all these reasons we are doing the Walk again this year!  It is SO fun!  We get to spend the night in a hotel, I get to see other kids with diabetes,  I get to help my Dad design a cool shirt, friends come to walk with us and lots of people give money because they care about me and other kids having Diabetes.  There are people who's job it is to find a cure!  They need money for the research.  They are getting closer!  My Ya-Ya- read an article about a mouse that was cured from Diabetes (the researchers gave the mouse Diabetes.  mice don't have diabetes.  but i've heard of cats having diabetes.  maybe it's type 2?)!!!!!!  When I heard that, I was so excited!  I know the researchers are working because now I have a Pod and I used to have to get shots.  I really hope they find a cure soon so that I don't have to grow up with this and so other kids and little babies, even, don't have to have this.  I really hope we raise a lot of money this year.  My Dad is already working on my video but he won't let me watch it until he's done.  It always makes my family cry...even me.  But I'm excited to see it.  And I'll have my Mom put it on her blog when it's ready.  And maybe you will feel like donating some money to help find a cure for Type one Diabetes.


Jessi -in love with her family of four said...

Oh Suzannah,
You are such a precious young lady! Inside and out. I know that God is smiling down on you because of your precious heart. I can't even imagine how tired you must be sometimes bc of all that you have to do to take care of yourself. But,,,, I do know that the Lord has given you so much strength and wisdom. He sees your beautiful heart that wants to find a cure not just for yourself but for the babies and children that have diabetes as well. I am so honored to know you and to be a part of all the beauty you bring to those that have the blessing of knowing you and being in your life. I love you bunches!!!
And we will be walking with you again this year:) Crazy loud Addi and all:)
You are a true beauty!

TexasNeals said...

thank you miss jessi! i'm so glad you're coming to the walk! addi's so cute i don't care if she's loud!!!:)

Laura said...

Suzy Q,

I love you so much! You are so special to me!!

You have always had the strength of a thousand adults!

Keep fighting! We pray all of the time for a cure!!

And yes... all 7 of us will be there to walk again with you too!!!!!!


TexasNeals said...

Awesome! I'm excited to see you at the walk! I can't wait :)

The Goforths said...

What a strong girl!


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