Sunday, July 1, 2012

Basketball Camp

A couple of weeks ago we were leaving the pool at our local college when a guy we know from church stopped us (he just happens to be the women's basketball coach there!).  He asked Suzannah if she was doing basketball camp this summer.  She told him that she wasn't (the only camp we knew of was for 6th grade and up).  He invited her to come the next day and do the camp at the college.  She was beyond excited at the prospect of attending!!!!

We showed up at 8:00 Tuesday morning and she could barely contain herself!!!  Suzannah is talented at pretty much everything she tries!  She is amazing and has so many gifts, but basketball has her heart!  This was a four day camp for girls 3rd through 6th grade.  There were three people heading it up and one happened to be an actual player on the team.  Q thought this was SO cool!

She was amazing!  She was the tiniest thing out there!  But she was awesome!!!

On the last day of camp Jack and Molly Beth asked if they could come up and watch.  My Mom and I took turns staying up there with her.
It was nice to have company! ;)

Here she's partnered up with "Red" (they all picked a nick name ;).....I call her BIG Red.  She was the oldest girl and the biggest.  And honestly...the best.  But "Suzy-Q" held her own against her!

Here's a picture of the whole gang.

I had to throw this picture in because I love the look on her face!  She smiled the whole time!  She was in her eliment and loving every minute.

The camp was from 8-12:30 and boy did they work those girls!  Suzannah has endless energy but she was worn. out!!  They did a lot of drills and a lot of running but also a lot of fun and games. 

One the last day they got to scrimmage while wearing real jerseys.  They were HUGE!!!  Suzannah was #22.

The length of the jersey didn't slow her down!!!  Big Red was all over her, but she played so great.

Did I mention that she is fast!  And even though she was the tiniest, she would get those rebounds and run the ball down the court over and over!

And over!

They kept score all week of certain things to mark the campers improovement throughout the week.  Then on the last day they had an awards ceremony.  The first award was for the hot shot champion.  Hot shot is where they were given certain places on the flor to shoot from worth points and 45 seconds.  Guess who won.....
SUZANNAH!!!!  Then in free throws.....she lost by one point to Big Red!  We were so proud of her!
She learned a LOT and is a better ball player because of the camp.  We are so thankful that Cory stopped us that day and gave her the opportunity to play!

Even with as worn out as she was, she didn't want it to be over!  Hopefully she will be able to attend the camp next summer and hopefully we'll be able to make it to some of the Lady Yellow Jackets games!  :)


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