Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scenes From Around Here: Garden


Here is a look at what is going on around our yard....mainly our gardens.  It hasn't been a very good garden year.  I had big plans and high hopes because I am not pregnant and do not have a newborn.  Therefore I have no reason not to get out and weed and water, etc.  Well, I don't know what my excuse is.  Poor soil mainly. ?

This is the bed on the side of our house.  I like to plant okra, sunflowers and zinnias here.  This year I did more sunflowers than ever before and they have gone crazy!  So crazy, in fact, that our poor okra can't see the sun and therefore can't grow.  Oops.  But they sure are pretty!  The sunflowers. They get so top heavy that they bend forward.  Some of them are headed for the ground so we are going to have to rig up some stakes and string, or something.

We did a plant unit the month of May and the kids all sprouted beans in a zip lock baggie.  We planted them and two of them have survived so far.  That would be weird if they grew and produced.  I don't know why...I guess I just didn't really think about them actually being productive outside of the baggie.

Here are our raised beds.  They are pitiful.  I know.  Our peas (snow and english) did well.  They are so gone and need to be pulled up but I'm busy....apparently.  You can see them at the back of the beds looking very dried up.  Our lettuce did well too, but the stuff that is in there now needs to be given to the chickens.  It is super bitter!

Every year we plant squash.  And every year something boars into the base and kills them.  This year they are producing like crazy!!!  It's so exciting!  I'm not sure what to do with the squash once we get tired of squash casserole, but it's fun to finally have success!

The green beans are doing great too.  We bring in hands full every day.  We wash them and snap them and put them into the freezer until we have enough to cook.  Fun.

This is also the first year we've had success with our carrots!  Now I'm wishing we had planted more.  We only have enough for the kids to pull up and eat when they get a hankering. Still, fun.

These are the two new beds we put in this year.  One was for strawberries, cucumbers and cantaloupe.  The idea was to have the cucs and cantaloupe growing up in the center and the strawberries around the outside.  The strawberries came on strong, but have tapered off.  The cucumbers all died.  The cantaloupe is growing at a snails pace!  I'm hoping for one or two before winter!  In my disgust with the cucumber failure I shoved a few sprouting sweet potatoes into the ground and the are growing better than anything else in the garden!  What?!  The other bed was supposed to be overgrown with tomatoes....and yet they must have taken after the cantaloupe because they are maybe 2 feet tall?  I don't know?  It was going to be beautiful though.  There were yellow geraniums all around the whole bed.  They died the day after I planted them.  Sigh.

Billy set some cedar poles in cement and strung some wire for our raspberries and blackberries.  Well, actually one raspberry and two blackberries.  The raspberry was in the middle.  It has left us.  The blackberries are still growing so we'll see if we are able tot get any next year?  I've heard they take one or two years to produce.

Here are some of the hens and our handsome rooster.  I truly love him...and that's saying a LOT from me.  I was deeply traumatized as a child by my uncle's rooster and am now unnaturally afraid of birds.  I try to be brave, for the children.  Ha.  But this fellow does his job well and isn't ugly to me (or the kiddos) when we go in the pen.  And speaking of his thriving natural abilities....WE FINALLY HAVE A BROODY HEN!  I was going to go in and take a picture of her, but I was in a hurry.  She is our one eyed chicken (more in another post) and I am just so proud of her and busting at the seems with anticipation!!!  I can barely contain myself when I think about her with her little flock of her own!  She's sitting on a pretty big clutch of eggs so I feel certain there will be success!  Squeal!!!!  :)

Sorry for the sideways picture.  I don't know how to fix that and my brain is kind of fried at the moment.  But this is our impromptu pumpkin patch.  I got a wild hair one day and we went and got some seeds.  There is a big area on our second acre where we are going to make a BIG garden next year.  I just made a hole, stuck the seed in it and filled it up.  Then watered and said a little prayer.  And LOOK!!  It's working.  Super excited about this!

Remember the little yellow balls of fluff?  Here they are today.  Getting bigger by the second....literally!  These things eat and eat!  They are not hybrids, but are the heritage breed that the hybrid is from.  Anyway, they are loving this AMAZING tractor that Billy made. 

Here are my herbs.  It's terrible.  Look at all the weeds!  Downright shameful!  They are growing well though...the herbs too. haha.  I have dill, two kinds of basil, parsley, cilantro and mint (OBVIOUSLY!).

I caught Q harvesting some beans.

If you look closely you can see that they had been playing in the fire pit.  Nice.

There it is.  Kind of disjointed.  A bit like this post?  But we are enjoying it.  I'm fully aware that in two months everything will be brown and dead.  Hopefully not the chickens!  Well, not the layers.  Oh, and we got two guineas!  Again, another post.  I'm tired.  Obviously.  Night.


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