Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Ya-Ya and Pops,

Dear Mom and Dad,
We are so glad you are back from your two LONG weeks traveling north.  You were very missed.  And because I know how much you missed us, I though I would fill you in on what you missed.

There was a lot of this

and this

and this!

But we did other stuff too!
Like bringing in TONS of tomatoes daily!

Slippin' and slidin'

 Jack tried to remove Billy's right eye.  He ended up with a severe cornial abrasion and is fine.  His vision in that eye is still blurry but the Dr. says it can take several weeks so we are praying it comes back.  Prim knows what it's like to be "one short" so she gave him extra love.

Dining alfresco!

Lots and LOTS of laundry!  Man I love your front loader!!!!

And so does Will! :)

I made it our mission to eat all of the veggies from your farm co-op!  (Feta Chard Pie, SO good!)

All the butterflies hatched!!!  It was AMAZING! Thank you!

Lots of swimming

WITH Prim....but she jumped out b/f I could get a picture and proceeded to run around like a crazy tripawd!  

Practicing for swim club!

More blueberry dishes!  Blueberry cinnamon rolls.....AWEsome!

Flowers from Billy.

And finally, just when we all thought we might not make came home!!!!!!

And, yes.  Will wore nothing but his diaper the whole time!  ;)

THANK YOU for coming back!  Please never leave us for that long again ;)
Billy, Stacey, Suzannah, Molly Beth, Jack, Charley Kate, Will, Prim, Sugar and Schwartzy!!

P.S.-sorry, no pictures of the schnauzers.  They were well taken care of when they weren't being abused by the dane.  ;)


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