Thursday, May 17, 2012

They're SO FLUFFY!!!

We got a call from the post office at 6:25 this morning....our chicks had arrived!!!!  We (and especially the kids) have been anticipating their arrival with much excitement!!!  We have raised meat birds once and learned much.  Then we (meaning Billy) read and did a lot of research and we are now ready to try again.
After reading an article about the U.S.D.A.'s proposition to allow private companies to take over the inspection at poultry plants we made the decision to go full out.  We have seen enough documentaries (Food Inc, Farmageddon, Fresh) to make us want to become vegetarians!  But, we don't really feel like that diet is in the best interest of our family.  Nor do we think that feeding our family chicken raised in chicken houses is in our families best interest.  So we are going to work towards raising all our own meat.  Like, ALL of it.  Starting with chicken.  Hopefully we will even be able to sell pasture raised chicken as a side business sometime in the future!  So these adorable little balls of soft yellow fluff are our fist step!  We are so excited! 

The kiddos are fully aware that all of these birds will end up in our freezer (or friends freezers) and they are OK with that.  For now, though they are too adorable not to love on!!!  :)

At the risk of getting sappy, there really is something extraordinary about seeing and tending to your food from the start!  Seeds to produce can give you an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and such an appreciation for the food!  You eat it differently.  There's pride and gratitude that is not a part of consuming even the most delicious meal prepared w/ ingredients from the grocery store.  It's hard to explain, but even deeper is the appreciation for meat that came from animals that you've had from birth....and then must kill.   Day old chicks is the earliest we've ever had (SO FAR) but it's kind of hard to explain.  You don't take it for granted.  It's very special.  I'm thankful that we get to experience it.  And I'm thankful our kids get to experience it.

*for more info on where the U.S.D.A.'s (or u.s.duh's) proposal was as of April 4th, you can read this article.


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