Saturday, May 26, 2012

Suzy-Q's Award Ceremony

One Friday in January we loaded up our Suburban and headed to Dallas for an awards ceremony!!!  Suzannh had won TWO awards for fundraising last year we only knew about one at the time)!  We were so proud of her (and all the incredible people that gave SO much money) that we couldn't miss it!

It was a nice deal in a restaurant in the stockyard.  So neat.  She was SO nervous and excited.

First was the award that we knew we were here for.  It was the "Golden Sneaker" for excellence in fundraising.

Out of all the participants at Arlington she as an individual raised the fourth most! 

Then came the surprise.  We didn't know there were two!  Her TEAM placed 7th in fundraising!

She felt so special!!!!!  And any time she is in a room with other children with Diabetes she feels so good.
We are so proud of her.  I hope that she will continue to be motivated to raise the money and do even more next year!

While walking back to the hotel room Jack tried to steal a cowboy's gun!  Silly boy.

When we got back to the room and everyone was ready for bed, Billy surprised us with cookies!

Cookies the size of my HAND!!!!

What do you do with five kiddos (four of which are hopped up on sugar) in a hotel room on the 3rd floor!!!???  You play Simon says....

let them jump on the bed (shhhhhhhh) and then order a movie.

If the satellite goes out and there is NOTHING on TV......

you watch Turtle Man until you fall asleep and dream redneck dreams of having a few less teeth and a lot more dirt under your nails!  :P

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to go to the Children's Aquarium.

With our Zoo pass we were able to get into the Children's Aquarium!  Yay!

The albino alligator REALLY freaked me out....

but Will loved it!

Feeding and petting the sting rays...

Trying to convince Cakes to touch them...

it didn't work.  ;)

I was trying SO hard to get a good picture of all the kids WITH something big swimming in back of them.  Charley Kate hadn't seen what was going on back there.  She finally looked....

And this is how she looked!!!  Hahahahahaha!

Suzannah thought she could do it better than me and offered to take a picture of Billy and me.  Notice the shark way off in the distance?  I didn't say "I told ya so."  

On the way back to the car there was a really neat lily pond with these paths and bridges!  The kids had a lot of fun running like crazies and about giving me a heart attack!

Billy was the worst!!!!!

This reminded me of my knees growing up.

Somehow Jack got himself into a very precarious position...

and this is how he got himself out!!!

We got back to town just in time to meet my folks at our favorite Chinese buffet.

It was such a great little getaway and so special to celebrate raising so much money to find a cure for Diabetes!!!  Thank you, again, to everyone that donated!  This award is for YOU!  ;)


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