Friday, May 25, 2012


Every year around Jack's birthday the rodeo comes to town!  Last year if was here on his ACTUAL birthday so that is what he chose for his special time with mommy and daddy.  This year we just took advantage of it as a fun family outing.

All the cowboys were getting ready and our kids were SO excited!

We had a cold snap and it was really chilly.  By the time we headed home no one could feel their toes!!

It rained the WHOLE day before.  The arena was one big, sloppy mud pit!  It made for lots of laughs after the cowboy got up....covered with cold mud!  On the down side they canceled the stick horse race.  Our kiddos were bummed about that because they were hoping to participate.

 We didn't know how Will would do sitting for so long.  But he did GREAT!!!!  We (Billy) had to take him out for one diaper change and that was it!!!  He actually really got excited about the animals!

Charley Kate is so easy.  We knew she'd do fine but were surprised by how much she liked it!

We didn't leave until 10:30.  The bulls are the last part of the rodeo and that is why our children were there! ;)  Will was awake the whole time!!!  We pretty much just let him eat to his hearts content and he was good.

But when the sun goes down Charley is out!

It was cold but fun!  I hope Billy's work continues to sponsor it so that we continue to get free tickets!  HA!


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