Monday, May 14, 2012

A Happy Mother's Day

I woke to the sound of five sweet voices singing "Happy Mother's Day to you!" and four sleepy eyed kiddos piling up next to me thrilled to bring me breakfast in bed and present me with their cards made with love!!  It really was a wonderful way to be woken up :)

We've been passing around a cold and although it's on it's last leg we decided that coughing children are not fun to sit by in the pew so we decided to stay home.

We made MY mom a special Mother's Day breakfast of blueberry and raspberry danishes (recipe found here) and delivered a bouquet of paper flowers we made.

We hung around and visited until lunch time.  Then Billy and I ran to pick up Cowboy Chicken.  SO yummy!  We watched a recorded show and loaded up to head home.

Uneventful but great!  Such a  nice day just taking it easy and spending time together.  I am so blessed! :)

I had to include this photo because every time I look at it I laugh!!!!  Charley Kate is getting so silly!  This picture is pretty typical of what we've been getting lately!  HA!  After she does something silly she will get embarrassed and cover her mouth, scrunch her shoulders and giggle.  So fun ;)

I'm so thankful for my mom and my mother in law!  They are two amazing mothers and I'm thankful to have them for examples!  Hope everyone had a beautiful day!!  :)


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