Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back Blog: St. Patrick's Day 2012f

We were at my folk's house-sitting for St. Patrick's day again this year!  Weird how that worked out?  Anyway, it was a fun day!  Lots of smiles and lots of green.

We left a treat for our Leprechaun instead of trying to trap him this year!

He liked that and left the kiddos a scavenger hunt.

It took them all over the place.  They even had to climb a tree!

Eventually they found themselves digging in Ya-Ya's garden for the burried gold.

Then it was time for our traditional breakfast.  I think this is their favorite part of St. Patrick's Day!

And I threw dinner in the crock pot.

We went to the library and ran some errands but only after taking St. Pat's Day pictures.

I like to make our food green.  BUT I'm not a big fan of food coloring so we had cheese quesadillas on spinach tortillas and guacamoli.  We love bad it is NOT photogenic!!!  Do you like how I made it into a clover?  Yeah, I'm creative like that.

As much as I wanted to avoid food coloring, you can't have St. Patty's day without green jello.  And we kind of had a rainbow thing going on this year so I thought this idea was fun.

Dinner was SO good.  Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes and Irish soda bread.  We were all talkin' Irish after this!!!

And then a Leprechaun float for dessert!

It was a fun day with lots of traditions!  I love holidays.


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