Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter 2012

We had such a wonderful Easter.  Easter is my favorite holiday and I usually do my best to make it as celebrated as Christmas around here....but it completely snuck up on me this year!!!  We didn't even dye eggs!!!!  Which is totally unAmerican...well, other countries do it to....but it's just wrong!  I will blame it on Lent ;)  All of the special things we do leading up to Resurrection Sunday didn't happen.  But I am working on letting those kinds of things roll off my back and start where I am. A sweet friends reminded me of a wonderful quote, "Christian woman's view is always forward, never back."  Isn't that great! So, the night before I was a crazy woman.  We celebrated Easter Eve the same way we celebrate Christmas eve....stress and candy in the WEE hours of the morning.  Hopefully I've learned my lesson!!  :s
Easter morning waking from my chocolate and jelly bean coma (you know you "sample" as you fill eggs!) wasn't easy, but we had LOTS to do! The great basket hunt and then the egg hunt!  And then it was time for breakfast.  The kids made Empty Tomb Rolls which is one of our favorite Easter morning traditions....second only to EATING them ;)

Yup.  Marshmallow Jesus is no longer there.  He's risen.
I had everything ready for church (probably a first) so that we could brush teeth and hair and run out the door.  We were still late but the joy of the Lord wasn't lost in the last minute Sunday morning scramble so I was thankful.

I get so emotional on Easter.  I am just so humbled and overwhelmed by the sacrifice.  Pure Love.

After church we came back to may parents house and had a delicious Easter Dinner, more Easter baskets and enjoyed relaxing.

"As for me, I know that my redeemer lives!"
Job 19:25a
Hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter :)


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