Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speech Night

Our home school coop has a special deal called ELO.  It stands for Extended Learning Opportunity.  It's kind of like school once a week from 8-12.  Mom's volunteer to teach different courses and it is a great opportunity for the kids to get together.  One of the courses offered this year was speech.  Suzannah had to give several mini speeches to her class but they also were preparing for a special speech night.  For speech night there were two "plays" and each student would give a speech.  She worried about this the entire year!

In her play, she was a goose.  Each child was responsible for coming up with their own costume.  Suzannah made a cute little eyes and beak mask out of an egg carton and called it good.  She didn't have anything white, so she decided she was more of a Canadian Goose. ;)

She had fun and I couldn't even tell she was nervous!

The individual speech she gave was a persuasive speech about why people should use a shoe horn.  I videoed it but can't seem to find it :/  I'll keep looking and add it if I find it.  The angle was how much time you can save with this simple devise.  And she knew from experience b/c it was the year of Converse at our house.  I love those shoes and think they are adorable, but they take TOO long to put on!  My mom got us a shoe horn and everyone used it!  It really did make a difference!

I could tell she was nervous, but she kept it light and had the audience laughing.  Everyone loved it!

We were so proud of her!!!  She was so scared and didn't want to do it.  But she did!!!!  And it was a wonderful experience!!!

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