Monday, February 27, 2012

Molly Beth Turns 7

Sweet Molly B went and turned 7 on us!!!! We decided that if she promises to keep being a ray of sunshine, then we will consider letting her grow up. ;)

Because we knew we would heading to Nashville, we decided to wait and have her birthday celebration there with her cousins.  However, there were a few birthday traditions we went ahead and took care of at home.

he birthday girl (or boy) gets a special breakfast.....and they get to help make their cake.  So we decided to roll that into one and she helped make these breakfast donuts!  *which were actually cupcakes in the shape of donuts. i just tried not to think about it*

The birthday person also wakes up to balloons hanging from the ceiling that are filled with money! One dollar per balloon per year of life.  Then they *pop* them!  There is MUCH excitement and noise with this tradition.  Which is why they love it!

Supper is the birthday celebrator's choice.  They may request a special homemade meal or any restaurant of their choice (and the grown ups all cringe until they don't say Chuckie Cheese!).  Molly Beth picked the Dairy Queen a few towns over that had a play ground.  Blizzards.  Awesome! And that was it.  But I think she had a great day and we had a great time celebrating her!

Happy Birthday, Sunshine,
How can you still be as sweet and thoughtful and gentle as always?  I think it is because of your free spiritedness.  You are just...light.  And you are light to be around.  There aren't any expectations with you.  People can be who they want to be with you!  That kind of freedom is a gift very few can give!  I realize that with your sweet, free spirit, comes some frustrations.  I am doing my best to let you be who God made you to be.  No boxes for you!!  I learn so much from you and see who I really wanted to be in you.....but I was too afraid of what others would think.  Please, please, never fall victim to that!  You are so perfect and full of love.  Trust that HE gave you this spirit and that HE will use it to further His kingdom.  It is such a rare gift.  YOU are such a rare gift.  And I'm so thankful that you're mine.
Love always,

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