Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to Nashville and Molly Beth's birthday

After a long drive, we arrived in Nashville just in time to surprise Uncle Brian and look who was there waiting on us!  Avery and Uncle Michael!!!

Uncle Brian had just finished a retreat sort of thing and family was welcomed in at the very end.  He didn't know that we would be there!  It was a fun surprise and then they turned up the music and everyone started dancing.  The kids thought it was the coolest!

All of grams grands with the exception of Will.

While I was taking the picture Billy brought out the other surprise of the day!  Grams had fixed Molly Beth a birthday cake and we all sang to her.

7!  She was thrilled :)

 The cousins even all chipped in and got her a Fur Real Pet kitten!!!  She loved it!


There is always great food in Nashville and to give Grams a break, we usually go out to eat once or twice.  This night we went to a neat Italian restaurant.  We had a huge table.....with a bust of the Pope in the center!  Lovely.

I don't know who started the whole "spoon" thing, but it kind of got out of hand!

Uncle Michael always has to be different.... ;)


When we left, it was SNOWING!  Super exciting for us Texans that hadn't seen snow this year!

 We were there over Valentine's day.  So we passed out card and chocolate at Grams' house this year.

That night Billy and I had the best Valentine's date EVER!  We went to a hockey game!!!!

We got to see the Predators play at Bridgestone Arena

 We did have some some company on our date...


...but we didn't mind.

 It was a great game that ended in a shoot out!  Super exciting!!!

 The weather was nice enough for us to go to the park one day.  It was good for the kiddos to run off some energy and get some fresh air!

I love giving things to my nephew and nieces.  I don't get to do it often, so whenever we are together I try to make sure I have a little something special for them.  This year I lost my mind and decided to make them each a stuffed animal.  I SO don't have time for something like this and actually had to finish them while we were there.  It was too big of a feat, but was mostly successful and I hope they enjoy them and think of us Texas Neals when they see them.

I just had to include this one because my man looks so darn handsome!!!!!

We had a great time and look forward to our next visit! 

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