Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will: 9 months

I'm late posting this b/c I was having trouble downloading pictures off of the camera I used to take them.  So the pictures are accurate....but the post is late.  ;)
9 months old!  I can hardly stand it!  The only compensation is that he is getting to be SO much fun!!!  He is cruising all around the house.   He will even scale the walls!!!  This boy wants to walk.  Unfortunately he only has a pink stroller walker to practice w/....hopefully he won't be warped. At least he's pushing around his ball and not a baby....right?!  ;)
 And speaking of his ball.  Oh my!  This is his favorite toy!  He is very serious about it too.  He will totally start to cry if you take it away....AT NINE MONTHS OLD!!!  Sheesh!  He will throw it and chase it down.  Throw it and chase it down.  This goes on for long periods of time. 

He has a mouth full of teeth!  Well on the right side anyway.  He has 6 teeth.  I guess that's not really a mouth full, but it's more than any of my others had at this point.  You'd think that with all those teeth he'd be a bid eater.  Not so.  Still not eating much.  A little here and there.  I did some research on sensory issues (thanks Jess) and think he may have some oral confusion.  We've been working with him and have see some improvement.  He is swallowing better and less gagging.  He likes avocado....and toast and crackers.  Hard, crunchy stuff?  Anyway, we're still working on it.

He is SUPER observant!  We were at Suzannah's basketball game the other day.  The gym was full of people.  He was sitting quietly on my lap and looking around.  All of a sudden he started getting all excited.  My mom had come in and was sitting in the last seat on the row behind us.  He saw her and recognised her!  
 notice he isn't looking at me!  he wants his ball!  ;)

He's got a great sense of humor!  He likes to be silly and appreciates it when others act silly for him.  :)  Very fun.  He loves being with his brother and sisters.  Especially if they are in the playroom!  He thinks that is the place to be!!!  He has a few nicknames that I wanted to document on here:
Charley Kate: baby boy/baby Will
Jack: Willis
Molly Beth: Weeee-ul
Suzannah: buddy
Billy:  Wilbur
Me:  sweet boy

He's wuzzerful!  And we continue to thank God for him every day!!!  :)  OH, I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! He's saying "mamma" and "dadda."


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