Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a really nice...WET Christmas Eve.  It was raining and cold...worst combination ever.  But it was warm and cozy at my Mom and Dad's house and that's where we go for Christmas Eve.  I volunteered to bring an appetizer supper b/c my Mom was going to make Christmas dinner, so I was cooking all day.  The food was good and we just grazed as we opened presents from my folks.

We made the kids wait in the living room b/f  we let them com in and see their stockings.  They were super excited.

Ya-Ya always finds the best stuff.

Then it was present time!!!!

On the way home the three littles fell asleep so the big girls set out the milk and cookies for Santa...

and read The Night Before Christmas w/o them.

Once the children were all asleep we turned on American Pickers and got to work!  Oh boy, it's always so much fun getting everything ready....sometimes I wonder who's more excited.  The kids, or us!  ;)

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