Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scenes from Round Here: December

 Peppermint cocoa mix

I bribed the kids to work together on this 100 piece puzzle.  It was hard for Suzannah, she just wanted to do it herself.  I completely understood, b/c I "do not work well w/ others" so it's something I really want her to be able to do.  She had a moment where she quit, but after talking to her she was able to go back and delegate and they did it!  And then they got a cookie ;)

 The candle lighting service.

My Dad led the service and they were on the news.  Kind of neat.  (they used this for their Christmas card)
 Drive through Nativity.
Notice, Charlotte and Will slept through the whole thing ;)

 They had a bubble machine that looked like snow ;)

 And passed out cocoa.
 Decorating the house

 Decorating the tree

 Even the little ones...

 Yummy holiday pastries!

 Awesome big helpers

 Stockings hung

 Santa and Mittens, ready to be reading snuggle buddies.

Christmas cards sent w/ love and bringing SO much joy :)

 Ornament making w/ the best of friends

 Obscene amounts of cinnamon rolls baked for Billy's work

 Lots of Christmas movie watching

Lots and LOTS of holiday baking for family and neighbors.  This year we outdid ourselves.  We were up to our elbows in sprinkles and powdered sugar.  We made platters of iced (and sprinkled) sugar cookies, Chocolate Espresso Snow caps, these wonderful treats and Santa's new favorite!  I meant to take pictures of the kids delivering them, but it was raining....and it wasn't pretty!  Lots of running and ducking and screaming and praying, "Dear God please don't let them drop the platter!!" ;)

December was crazy busy!!!  We school year round so we take the entire month of December off.  It is wonderful!!!  We were able to weed out a lot b/f the holidays, do some fun Christmas crafts, lots of holiday baking and read some really good books.  We read Mr. Popper's Penguins and the biography of George Muller (we're not quite finished w/ this one).  I have to confess that I let stress beat me yet again this year, but I have hopes of conquering it next year.  Anyway,  it was a full month and I'm so thankful school was not an issue!

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jennifer said...

Your house looks so pretty. Wish we could have helped with some of the baking. My kids are really great with sprinkles and licking the icing off of everything :)


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