Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

We finally made it to see Santa!  There were some super sweet moments that I'm so thankful to have captured on film.  Cakes was enamored!  She smiled and was so sweet and polite and Will wasn't the least bit afraid!  He just stared at him and hung out. 

Part of the problem w/ waiting till last minute to see Santa is that you are done shopping, but they have changed their minds!!!!  Charley Kate asked for a baby.  He's not bringing her one.
Molly Beth asked for a Barbie?!  Out. of. tha. blue!  She has said nothing about Barbies!  He's not bringing her one.

Suzannah asked for a skate board.  This wasn't out of the blue, but he's not bringing her one.  And Jack (I don't have a picture of him talking to Santa) asked for a BEE-BEE GUN!?!?  Needless to say...he's not bringing him one.  Sheesh, should be great fun Christmas morning...

We got business taken care of now it was time for the pictures.  Five kids + $25 photo=stress.

K, first shot.  What's wrong w/ this one?  NOTHING! But silly me, I thought it would be simple to try one more and get Will to smile.


Finally, I said, "K, LAST ONE!"  And this is what we ended up w/.  Jack was D.O.N.E. and Will had his "Cheeburger, Cheeburger" face on, but I thought it turned out OK.  And I learned a lesson.  If the FIRST one is good.....get it!

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Jessi -in love with her family of four said...

I lovvvvve the Abercrombie comment hahahah!!!!!:D


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