Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread House 2011

Decorating the  gingerbread house is one of the most anticipated Christmas traditions around here.  We've had it purchased for awhile but haven't carved out a chunk of time to do it. 

Finally this weekend we were able to break it open!

This is an activity for Billy and the kids.  I pretty much stay out of it due to my...OCD.  But I enjoy them having fun together!  Will and I were in charge if photos.

Ck got really into it.  But for some reason she thought she had to "lick and stick" everything?  Maybe that was her way of getting a taste of everything.

Will is pulling up on everything.  Laundry baskets, the couch, legs, boxes of home school stuff from last school year!!  (yes, that should have been out in the shed a long time ago!!)   It really keeps me on my toes!

Ahh, one of my favorite pictures each year.  :)  


Grams said...

Yum! When did Charley Kate get all that hair? :)

TexasNeals said...

Love, love, love these kiddos!!

YaYa and Pops said...

You did it again, signed out of me and into you on my computer!!! That was me who LOVED the kiddos!

Cheri said...

What a wonderful family tradition. These are the things the kids will remember (especially when they have their own).

Love to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

jennifer said...

Great job on the house Neal kiddos! Love you guys!


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