Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Lesson in Submission

I believe that husband and wives are to submit to one another.  Actually for any relationship to be strong and successful I believe there must be mutual submission.  But when you come to a cross road and neither want to budge....I believe it's the wife's job to submit to her husband.  SO, when my "World's most Awesome Husband" came home from the store w/ Halloween costumes and candy....I had a choice to make.  I could either turn cold as ice and jab him w/ my icicles for participating in this horrible holiday or I could be supportive and jump in.  See, I have posted several times about my feeling about Halloween. I am not a fan.  I think that it glorifies death and gore and fear, and Billy an extent.  See, he is able to be less black and white and is able to see the potential harmless fun that can be had by dressing up and getting candy.  I swallowed my pride, shot him a "naughty, naughty" smirk and let the kids go crazy and think he was the most fun dad in the world.

We always carve pumpkins.  The kids couldn't wait to get a glimpse of that gooey yucky pumpkin goo.

Cakes was so excited about drawing on the pumpkins!

Mmmmm, there it is!  Jack was not a fan.  Check out his face in all the following pictures!!!!  :)

The annual licking of the lid....

Ck said no thanks!

Q has come a long way.  She used to not touch the stuff!  Now she thinks it's awesome!

Jack could hardly watch!!!!

Billy didn't like it too much either ;)

Watching Daddy carefully cut out a happy face.

Playing w/ pumpkin parts...

 After we carved the pumpkins we came in for dinner.  I made a delicious! soup.  I'm putting it on my recipe blog.  You MUST check it out!!! :)  The kids were beside. themselves w/ excitement about getting dressed up!!  Seriously, like freaking out!!  I told them they had to wait till after dinner and they had to eat ALL their dinner or no candy.  (while this soup is wonderful for's not super kid friendly, unless your mean like us ;) 

Will modeled Jack's hat for us while we finished eating.

Then is was time to get dressed up.  Oh, if you could feel the joy and excitement....

We had a little hunter....

A little princess....

Another princess...

 And, ahem, a prisoner....

And a big beyond handsome hunter!

And off they collect poison to their bodies and hopefully not see any demonic looking creatures that would keep them up all night.  Submission, submission, submission...... ;)

I even sported the costume he got me, complete w/ wings and antenna.....I really was a good sport.  Will and I passed out candy and watched the sing off until the crew came home.

The last stop was my folks house.  That's where they checked out their loot.

It really was a good Halloween....and even though I can't believe I even said that, I'm glad for it.  The kids had a good time, Billy had a good time, no one was warped for life, we will be flossing (and throwing away the candy SOON) and I got to feel like I have actually learned a thing or two in the 12 blissful years of marriage.  :)


Grams said...

Looks like they had a great time:) Does CK have a girl pumpkin? It looked like you are a girl pumpkin short. Let me know if you are. Love to all

Brian said...

I love the photos of MB smiling and frowning with the pumpkin slice. Ha!


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