Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Changing Her Pod

Here's what we do every three days.  Sometimes we get a defective pod and have to changes it sooner...and sometimes it gets ripped off while playing (depending on where it is) so we have to change it.  But all agree that every 2-3 days is way better than 6-8 shots a day.  PLUS (and it's a BIG plus) this amazing devise can calculate insulin to very small and precise doses where the syringes only allowed us half and whole units of insulin.  It's an amazing advance in diabetes management and we are so very thankful for it.  It makes it so much easier for her to feel and act normal!!  :)

Two things, first of all, these site changes hurt and are occasionally met w/ tears.  Usually we hold her and she hides her face for the click.  Sometimes she cries, depending on how sensitive that site is.  What it does is, it shoots a needle w/ the tubing around it into her and the the needle immediately retracts.  It's no small needle, but she has learned to put on a brave face.  :)
And number two, I did have a talk w/ Jack after this about telling me no, even if he was just trying to be silly.  And he did go to time out....I just didn't feel like it would have been appropriate to deal w/ during the video.  I always say, if nothing else (and there IS so much more) kids keep you humble!!! ;)


Jess said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I feel like I am learning so much. A few questions, why do you have to do the BAT rotation? Is it just to give her body time to heal? I have heard that people with diabetes heal slower, is this true? How do you know how much insulin to put in the pod? Are you able to add more without taking it off or is what she put into it enough to last her the three days?

Watching her flinch made me get teary eyed. I hate so much that she has to do this and I am so proud of what a strong girl she is. The smile she gave you at the end just melted my heart. We love her and keep her in our prayers every night.

TexasNeals said...

Jess, thank you so much for that :)
And thank you for these great questions!
~the rotation is to help prevent scar tissue from building up. we also had to rotate when she was getting shots.
~as for the healing being slower. yes, because of circulation issues, but at her age and b/c of good management we haven't had any problems.
~she is extremely sensitive to insulin (a good thing) so she doesn't require massive amounts. the bigger you are, the more you need, just like people that don't have diabetes. there is a minimum amount that must be put in for the pod to work. we only do the minimum and have never even come CLOSE to using it all. most people can just estimate about how much insulin they would need in three days and kind of round up. once the insulin is in, that's it until another pod change.
I love the questions and it makes me so happy that you are learning and actually WANT to know!!! thanks again for letting me share this and being so interested :)

Laura said...

I am constantly in awe of her and how brave she is.

She is one amazing girl!!

amy said...

Wow. So educational and informative! Suz is such a brave little girl to have to do this every three days. Thanks again for sharing!


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