Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Say it Ain't So!!!!

How can my baby be 6 months old!?!?!  His first half birthday.  Half a year. flies!!!  And me more kids you have, the faster it flies....and the more desperately you want to slow it down!

This boy is a sweet mess!  He is all giggles and grins!  He still doesn't have any teeth, but he's constantly chewing on his fingers.  He sucked his thumb for a day or so, but it didn't stick.  Nothing sticks.  It's all me!  Oiy.  It wears a momma out I tell ya'.  But God will sustain me. :)

He is movin' out!!!  Inching!  He gets up on his knees and elbows and GOES!  Sometimes (if it's a soft surface) he puts his head down and uses his feet to move himself forward.  See:

He can totally get what he's going for.  He is as cute and sweet as ever.  He is still a super early riser and cat napper, but when you wake up to this grin how can you complain?!  :)


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What a sweet boy. Give him some love from his favorite aunt :)


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