Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday William

Today was Billy's birthday.  We got up early to fix him cinnamon roll pancakes.  He has been on a super strict diet the whole month of September and was self disciplined like nobody's business, so we celebrated that too.  Starting tomorrow we'll go back to being healthy and self disciplined and all that good stuff, but on your birthday you've got to let loose!  ;)

We learned that hot pancakes are good...but putting a birthday candle in hot pancakes is bad.

I love him so much!  He is amazing and I'm so thankful that I get to have him in my life.  I'm also thankful that he's the same age as me....for four months anyway.  Then I go back to being his older woman...

My parents took us out to lunch and then we headed to the Library.  We've started doing this on Sunday afternoons b/c there aren't very many people there.  I used to take the kids on Fridays b/c we didn't do school on Fridays, but now that we are doing ELO on Wednesdays there isn't time on Fridays.  Plus, I need the help!  So Sunday's work out really well.  Then when we get home we just relax and read till supper time.

Billy's request for a birthday cake this year was butterfinger brownies.  This is a picture of them b/f they were cooked.  They were SO good.

It was a low key but wonderful day.  The kiddos made him some really sweet cards and took him on a special hike through the woods on our property this morning while I got all of the pancake stuff ready and it was cool out.  Then this afternoon while the kids were playing outside w/ friends we watched You've Got Mail.  When we were newly weds and didn't have cable we borrowed that movie from Billy's sister (for a LONG time).  We watched it a lot.  It brings back fun memories of our first apartment that was the size of our living room!  Plus, it just seems like the right thing to watch when it's fall.  Anyway, we watched the movie and ate his favorite spinach pizza and just took it easy.  I sure hope we were able to make him feel special b/c he totally deserves it!

Happy Birthday William!  We love you!!!!!

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Grams said...

Billy's looking good!! Glad y'all had a great day.


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