Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I am just now remembering that I never posted about my Mother's Day.  Oyi!  Will I ever catch up?!  Anyway, I've been wanting to document my day for a very long time.  Just for posterity so that I can look back and see how crazy busy I was and marvel at how we all survived it (we will survive it right?! :).  So, I picked Monday b/c it's our lightest school day, in hopes I'd have time to jot stuff down throughout the day.  I'm sure this will bore you to tears so you might want to move on to your next blog! :)

The alarm went off at 6 am and after one indulgent snooze I got up and took a shower.  As I was drying off I could hear Will's swing music.  He must have woken up and Billy put him in his swing so he could exercise.  I didn't hear any crying so I went ahead and got ready for the day.  I love the idea of having a quiet time in the morning to sit and read the Bible and I do that when I can, but b/c I had to take a shower this morning (I usually shower at night) I knew that wasn't going to happen.  So I started praying.  Praying for our day and for patience and gentleness and please, God, wisdom.

I went and got Will and set him in his Bumbo while I started a load of laundry and began breakfast.  I finished the bacon and Billy fixed the eggs while I cut up oranges and changed Will's diaper.  We sat and ate together...just the two of us.  It was so nice.  We usually make the kids get up between 6:30 and 7, but Mondays are hard and we selfishly let them sleep in. 

As Billy was putting his shoes on Jack stumbled in squinting and smiling.  I told him that I'd be right back and walked Billy to his truck.  Jack came out but wasn't out for long b/c it was chilly this morning.  Billy left for work and I came back in the house.  Jack was on the couch looking at books.  I asked if he'd like eggs and bacon (turkey) or yogurt and granola and bacon.  He requested just yogurt and bacon.  I went and put Will down.  He's a very early riser, but he fades pretty quickly.

The girls were up and doing their morning habits and I fixed Jack's breakfast.  Apparently Jack was pulling on Molly Beth's outfit so she decided the best thing to deal w/ that was to kick him.  Wrong!  Consequence was to do Jack's morning habits, so he was able to finish reading.

homemade yogurt.  made thursday

The girls finished up and fixed their breakfast.  Suzannah; yogurt and granola, Molly Beth; scrambled eggs.  While they were cooking/eating I remembered that I hadn't printed out Jack's school work so I sat down at the computer and printed away.  In came a sweet little red head w/ a thumb in her mouth.  She crawled up in my lap and I soaked in that "fresh out of bed" warmth and sweetness.  She asked for yogurt so I gathered up Jack's papers and got her breakfast ready.  I told the girls to move straight to independent work after they finished their breakfast. 

I switched out the laundry and called Jack into the living room to do his school work.  When Ck finished up she came and joined us.  On lazy mornings like this (most Mondays!!) I just make some extra copies of some of his work and have a simple activity for her to do and she sits w/ us.  Jack does great w/ school, but when we've finished....he's ready!  Before I can finish up Suzannah comes in w/ all her POD stuff and informs me that she has a POD change this morning. So we stop and take care of that.  New site is on her tummy....not her favorite so I take Charley Kate out of my lap and replace her w/ Suzannah while she pushes the button.  She is getting so much more independent w/ all that...I'm proud of her.  She goes back to continue her school work and I get a snack for Charlotte and Jack and send them to the play room.  Suzannah and Molly Beth start arguing about something so I send Suzannah back to work at the desk in their room.  

Will wakes up.  It's 9:30.  I change out the laundry.  Molly Beth has finished her handwriting and math and is ready for my help w/ spelling and reading.  We manage to make it through spelling w/ no interruptions, but during reading Charley Kate comes and crawls into my lap...where Will is and wants to play w/ him.  Reading still takes a good bit of concentration for B so this is very distracting and she starts getting hung up on words she shouldn't.  Will is playing w/ my water bottle and somehow it spills on him.  So I take off his wet onsie and lay him on the floor.  This is too much for Charlotte.  She MUST suck her thumb on that sweet soft belly so B and I have enough time of quiet to finish up. :)  

I call everyone to the table for Morning Board.  This has taken the place of my walls of school.  It's everything for circle time condensed to a poster board sized deal.  Friday we were supposed to have our memory verse challenge, but it was a crazy Friday and we didn't even get to morning board.  The kids are very serious about this challenge and have amazed me by what they are able to memorize!!!!  The verse this week was Matthew 22: 37-40.  Even Jack remembered most of it!  I am blown away by how much their little minds are capable of!!!  :)

Chore time.  They get their chore packs and get busy.  Suz said something ugly to B.  The consequence for being ugly to someone is apologizing and blessing them.  The way they bless them is to do their chores for them (or morning/bedtime habits).  So I have Suzannah apologize and have B hand over her chore pack.  Molly Beth gets her snack and the middles go outside to play.  I load breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters with Will cooing on my back.  Change out laundry.

I get the kitchen cleaned just in time to fix lunch.  Billy is headed home.  It's 11:45.  I put Will down.  I fix tuna salad w/ whole grain crackers, carrot sticks and grapes.  Suzannah finally finishes her chores and joins her sibling outside.  Billy and I get another meal together...or at least part of one!!!  This never happens.  We enjoy it :)  The kids come in and wash up for lunch.  We all visit a minute and then Will wakes up.  It's 12:15.  Billy (Will) and I go out to the shed to talk about our upcoming garage sale.  We are really trying to get down to the bare minimum of what we need!  We want to "have what we need and need what we have."  Right now we have way more that we need!  I kiss him good bye, check the mail and head inside. 

 we moved all the kids into one room.. pink walls will be painted ASAP!

The kids have thrown their plates away and are in on their beds reading?!  I can count on 1 finger the number of times they have gone straight to rest time w/o me having to tell them.  I praise them and tell them how proud I am of them for "doing the next thing."  This is a theme that I've been working on w/ them to try and help us through our days.  I lay Will on his play mat and wash the tuna bowl, wipe down the counters, gather carrot, onion, celery and grape scraps for the chickens and take the trash out.  It wasn't full, but I can't stand the smell of tuna!!

 the playroom.  it's far from done!

I call Suzannah into the kitchen and we do history.  We finally finish LAST years history book!!!!  History is just one of those things that gets left out when things get hairy.  So we are just now wrapping it up!  It is 1:30.  I tell the kids they can go into the play room and play quietly for the rest of rest time and I put in Peter Pan.  A book on cd. I wanted to read this to them SO badly, but I haven't been able to work in read aloud in the afternoon ever since Will was born.  I still read to them at night, but I just don't have time during the day.  Not if I want a moment to myself.  Will is fussy and needing a quality nap so I nurse him to sleep and hope he is able to finally get a good nap.  

 still shirtless from his spill this morning...

I sit at the computer and work on this a bit and eat a left over brownie from Billy's birthday.   At 2:15 I put brownies and milk on the table and tell the kids to pick up.  While they eat I read our Bible story.  It's about Rebeka.  We spend some time talking about going the extra mile, being a blessing to others and having a servants heart.  They clean up the table, I grab the baby monitor and we go  outside.  Billy got me some beautiful mums (I love mums) and I want to get the front porch cleaned up and decorated for fall.

We pull weeds and sweep down spider webs.  The kids ride their bikes and help me carry flowers.  I hear Will through the monitor.  A neighbor boy comes over and they all run off and play.  Charlotte comes in w/ me and I read to her while I nurse Will.  We go back outside and pull up the summer garden.  I'm thinking about planting a fall garden, but the only thing we've ever had success w/ in the fall is spinach!  The school bus goes by which is a sign to me to get started on dinner.  Taco salad tonight.  I come in and get the frozen beef out and decide to grade papers.  Charley Kate comes in b/c she has spilled Gatorade on her tummy (I was smart enough to have her take off her shirt!) and I see that she has a half circle hickey on her upper lip.  Nice.  We have left over Gatorade from Molly Beth's soccer game so the kids asked if they could have some.  Good thing we aren't getting family pictures tomorrow....or the next day!

it isn't much, but it's a start

I put the kettle on and grab my smiley face stamp and red pen.  Charley Kate comes is b/c she's "sweaty" and asks if she can have some tea too.  I get her a cup out, go change Will's diaper and hear screaming from the kitchen.  She pulled a chair over and touched the burner.  It's pretty bad.  I put some green salve on it, tell her to blow and put on her favorite show.  Baby Einstein Old MacDonald.  It's 4:45.  Almost time to call the kids in.  I put Will down for one last nap.

I finish grading school work.  The girls are both doing really well.  Suzannah's only problem is that she didn't go back and do corrections....again!  They are building up.  I guess I'll need to have her work on them tonight b/f bed instead of reading.  That should make a big impression.  I finish my tea and go check on Charlotte.  She is sipping her tea w/ her good hand.  Then she informs me that she "pee-peed."  WHAT?  She's sitting in the chair!!!!????  Arg.  I take the cushion off and throw it in the washing machine and decide to go ahead and throw her in the bath.

5:15 I get "Tha Call."  The call that tells me I've made it.  Billy is headed home!!!  :)  I get Charley Kate out of the tub as the big kids come in.  Jack gets in the bath and Q and B "bless the mess."  Molly Beth has a splinter so I take that out first.  There was much less wailing and gnashing of teeth this time than there was last night when she had a sliver the size of a fleas ear in her foot!  Sheesh!  Jack gets out and B gets in the shower.  Chalrey Kate jumps on the cushionless chair and I get her b/f she falls and breaks her head open so that we don't have TWO E.R. bills this month.  Don't ask....

 I start cooking the meat, open the black beans and the corn and Billy walks in the door.  I get that familiar feeling when he walks in the door.  He kisses me hello like always and I finish getting dinner ready.  We get the table set and salads in bowls and sit to eat.  Molly Beth says the prayer.  She is so sweet to thank God for a wonderful mommy that loves to cook.  Billy has taught them this art of expressing gratitude for me through our supper prayer and it does make me feel appreciated. :)  Charley Kate asks if she can ask the blessing too.  She whispers her prayer and all I can pick up is "amen."  We eat and visit and play High/Low.  The big kids highs are all the same.  Playing in the forest w/ Jacob.  I'm glad they had fun outside today.  Jack's low was when Molly Beth got the splinter in her finger.  He is a sweet, compassionate boy. 

We finish supper and Q clears the table.  Will wakes up.  We tell the kids to pick out a Veggie Tales.  We have only had our TV plugged in for 2 days and I've already used it twice as a babysitter of sorts.  I make a conscious decision to NOT do that and to only plug it in on the weekends.  Billy, Suzannah, Will and I go outside to move a table and chairs and a few other things to the garage for out yard sale. 

Suz, Will and I come in.  Q takes a shower and I finish cleaning up from supper.  Charley Kate is watching the show and holding up her burned finger.  Molly Beth is laying w/ Will on the recliner and Jack is looking at a book on the couch.  Things are calm and quiet except for Suzannah singing in the bathroom and I take a moment to say thank you.  I should have said it so many more times today....I'll do better tomorrow.

apparently Charley Kate wasn't the only one that ended up w/ a hickey :S

I put some toast in the toaster oven and tell the kids to pick out a library book and sit on the couch.  I fix peanut butter toast and pass it out and start reading.  Billy gets out of the shower and gets Will.  He's getting fussy.  I finish Jack's book and trade jobs w/ Billy.  He finishes reading and I nurse Will and put him in his swing.  I come back into the living room and Billy is reading out of The Book of Virtues.  We're on the chapter about self discipline....and we are going to need to hover here awhile!!!   I get Charley Kate some warm milk and rock her while we say prayers.  Jack's sweet prayer goes on and on as he thanks God for everything from his daddy who is "the strongest boy in the world"  to thanking God that our clock works.  Then he goes through all his friends.  He pauses and looks at Billy and says, "who's the one w/ the snotty nose?"  We all try to stifle our laughter.  Precious boy.  We give kisses all around and Billy goes to tuck them in.  I sing "Oh How I Love Jesus" and by the 3rd verse she's out.  I go lay her down and give one last hug and kiss to the others.  Suzannah checks and is low.  This is never good at bed time.  I treat her low and say a little prayer that it's enough.  We'll know better when we check her b/f we go to bed. 

Billy gives me a hug.  The kind that says "phew" and I go soak in the tub.  This is my time to reflect on my day.  I pray and go over the things I want to do differently and the things I'm glad I did the way that I did.  I realize that the cushion cover and random towels that I threw in the wash never made it to the dryer.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and forgot to fold all of our laundry so we'll have to move that mountain to the rocker b/f we can get into our bed.  I remember that I forgot to have Suzannah do her math corrections....again.  But, it is what it is.   And really, it was a good day.  I'm so thankful that we get to just live.  We are all healthy and get to be together and it really is a blessing.  His mercies are new every morning and I am excited to see what tomorrow holds.  I finish getting ready for bed.  Run the dishwasher and put oats in buttemilk on the counter to soak for breakfast.  Now it's time to relax w/ Billy.  These are such wonderful years.  When they are little, and here and we know all about everything in their life.  When they need us and we can give them everything they need.  Oh please help me be here.  Really here and not in tomorrow or yesterday.  Here.

appetizing, eh?

It's 10:00.  Billy takes kiddos potty and I check Suzannah's sugar.  127.  Not a good bedtime number.  Billy sets his alarm for 12 so we can check her again.  We crawl into bed.  For most people this would be the end of their day, but since I'm documenting this for me and I want to be able to remember how life really was I will continue. I drift off to sleep and and woken by Will at 11:30.  He hasn't slept well all day and I am not sure what's going on?  He had been a little stopped up and now doesn't want to nurse on the left side so I wonder if it's his ear.  I nurse him and we both fall asleep.  

The alarm goes off 30 minutes later.  Billy comes back in.  I ask what her sugar was.  226.  High?  He gave her a correction.  And we fall back to sleep.  2 something Jack wanders in and snuggles up to Billy.  Around 3:30 Suzannah comes in and asks me to help her check her sugar.  She is even higher?!  I ask Billy how much of a correction he thinks we should give.  We bolus and she gets some water.  Billy moves Jack to his bed and Suzannah crawls in.  Around 4 Will wakes up.  He has pooed.  I can't even remember the last time he pooed in the night?  I go change him in the living room.  We get into bed and I nurse him to sleep.  Before I can drift off I hear Charley Kate crying through the monitor.  I'm nursing so I wake Billy and ask him to go get her.  She's had a cough and sounds stopped up.  She curls up against my back and I can hear her sucking her thumb.  I take note that Molly Beth is the only one still in bed.  5:30 Will wakes up again.  He has wet his diaper.  Molly Beth snuck into bed while I was asleep.  I reach over her and grab a diaper and change him.  I get up to use the restroom and when I crawl back into bed Billy says, "so sorry, babe."  It's been a rough night and the alarm will go off in less than half an hour.  I am thankful that all our nights aren't this interrupted and say a little prayer about the cold that seems to be trying to make it's way through the family.  I fall back to sleep and don't even hear the alarm the first TWO times it goes off.  The third time I get up and try to gear up for a new day.  Starting off tired is hard b/c it makes patience and joy that much harder, but God is faithful if I just remember to ask for help!!!  :)

Phew, that was long!!!  It was a really mellow day.  Reading it makes me feel like such a wimp for complaining about how busy I am, but you'll just have to trust me when I say there was a lot going on, constantly and I wasn't able to capture EVERY little thing.  But this is a season.  Our life won't be like this forever and I'm glad to took the time to write it all down.


Marie said...

Loved seeing what your day looks like. I am praying that next year we can start homeschooling. I love that you start your day with prayer and end with it as well. I have been more intentional in doing that and have noticed the difference. These days are busy, but memories are being made, lives are nurtured and endurance is built. Praying the cold doesn't linger and that you are able to sleep soon!

Life with the Akin Clan said...

I'm a wimp! Wow! You're my new hero!

The Goforths said...

I love that you chronicled your day! What a great idea!

Audra Caldwell said...

You are such a remarkable woman of God. I think about you often and pray for you each time. Keep up the Good Work, Kingdom Work. I know that the little things get to me so much and can fill up a day before I know it, sometimes I can hear God say to me... I've Got this...Just trust in me. I love hearing His voice and I also loved reading about your day.


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