Tuesday, September 27, 2011


*this photo was taken B/F our dietary changes!*

I have so much I want to post about but I have NO time to post!!!  Moments not cooking, cleaning or child rearing (read: teaching, hugging, training, enjoying, disciplining, etc) are stolen.  Stolen from time I should be using more wisely.    We have made some major changes this month and on top of our very full life, it has broken me....several times.  That is a post I'd like to write in and of itself....not to mention our family vacation, a post on "remembering", Will's baby blessing, SCHOOL/first day stuff, and all the other things rolling around in my head that I'd like to document!!!  The changes that have "broken" me have been a result of a diet make over and unplugging our TV for the month of September.  Typing it out it sounds so small and I feel a bit pathetic, but both have created more work for me and I already have so. much. to. do!!!  However, the month is almost over and we have survived....and THRIVED!!!  The changes have brought wonderful change to our family and I'm thankful for them.  I am even more thankful for what I learned from the meltdowns (mine).  Boy, if I ever thought I was a work in progress I am more convinced of it now that ever!  I realize this is just bits and pieces of stuff and put together it makes no sense, but I don't want to forget what I am wanting to steal time for to write...and I don't want to forget that there were times in my life where it was so full that I had to steal time.  :)


TexasNeals said...

You are just amazing....that's all. You admit challenges and find victories when I would probably just sit and cry (and give in to TV and give up on the healthy diet!!) You rock sistah!!

TexasNeals said...

Oops that was my comment but you have signed in on my computer and I have forgotten my password so can't change it!! It was YaYa's comment!!!

TexasNeals said...

mom, you're biased ;) but thank you for the encouragement.
sorry for not signing out! :$
love you!

Jess said...

I think you are doing a great job. Five kids is a lot to handle. Most days I am trying to keep my sanity with one. You are an inspiration to me because of everything, flaws and all.


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