Monday, September 19, 2011

♥Oh Boy♥

Just because he melts my heart!  :)

Every age is endearing but when they are this age they look at you and you can 
feel how in love w/ you they are.  Their smile makes you feel like
your heart may burst.  They are warm and soft and delicious!
They are beginning to see the world and get excited and at times need your reassurance.  They are 100% sweetness and you just want to eat them up!  This boy....I tell ya, he melts me like butta!!!


jaymie said...

I call this the "dangerous age" because I feel luke I could have 30 kids when i look at the sweetness! :) they just seem so perfect. :)

TexasNeals said... you have something you need to confess??? who's "luke" and why are you having 30 children together???? lol
i know what you mean. BUT if you hold out till they're 2....that 30 seriously dwindles down ;) hahaha

Peace family said...

SOOOO Handsome!!

Rebekah said...

I love that each picture he looks like somone different. In the first he looks like Suzannah to me. In the last he looks like Jack and Molly Beth! I'm glad you are enjoying him!

TexasNeals said...

i said the same thing!!! how could he look so different in all three pictures?! crazy ;)


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