Thursday, September 22, 2011

Go Bulldogs!!

We have a little soccer player this year!!!  Molly Beth has been wanting to play soccer for 2 years now but we kept missing sign ups?!  We finally got in this year and she wouldn't be happier!!!

Cutest soccer player EVER!  ;)


She played her first gameS last Saturday.  She had one in the morning and then one in the afternoon.  It's still sinfully hot here so the girls got worn out quickly....oh, and did I mention there were no subs?!  It was hard but she had so much fun.

Suzannah took these pictures of her warming up.

The Sweeper and goalie bonding :)

Game time!!

Getting a motivational pep talk from Dad.
She was red faced by the end.  She loved it though and can't wait till her next game Saturday.  Thankfully there is only one ;)


Grams said...

Go B!! Your uniforms rock! Love the pink and black. Hope you have a great season.

Hugs to all

Grams said...

Upon reexamination, I've decided the uniforms are burgundy? not pink but I still say they rock :) or maybe its the kiddos wearing them:))

TexasNeals said...

haha! they are burgundy ;)


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