Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrating Charlotte's Second

Sweet Cakes turned 2 way back in July, but I had to document it.  Now I will finally be caught up on birthdays ;)
She requested an Elmo theme....which is what all of our children (except Jack) have requested for their 2nd birthday.

It's tricky to get those little fingers to show "two".

 "Happy Birthday dear Charlotte....."

Goodnight Moon (aka "Cow Jumped over the Moon")

Awww, little kitty.

After she opened all her presents we had a little surprise for her...

A bike of her own!!!

She was so proud!

This is a Ya-Ya's girl, I tell ya!!!

Notice the books in the back.  She always has to have something in that little compartment!!!  And there's always someone ready to help her w/ whatever she needs!!  ;)

It was a sweet little birthday to celebrate a sweet little girl!  :)

1 comment:

Grams said...

Glad you shared that special day. She is such a cutie -- as are all you kiddos:))


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