Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Months

Sweet Baby Will turned 5 months old today.  Oh what a wonderful 5 months it has been!!

He is so much fun!  He rolls all over the place.  We don't even put blankets down for him to lay on b/c he is off of them in a minute.  He is a his siblings before him.  He still can't figure out how he likes to go to sleep.  It was the thumb, then the paci, then ME, then the swing, then a blanket and now we're back to the sling.  Which is wonderful....or at least it would be if there weren't 4 other little ones needing me.  So, we do what we can and we've made it this I guess we'll continue to do what we have to and he'll figure it out eventually.

He found his toes this month.  I was SO excited!  It's just such a sweet and fun thing and I was looking forward to it.  So cute....and it keeps him entertained!  ha :)

We've never had a drooler.  I have been given bibs, but have never once used them.  Our babies just don't have an excess of saliva running from their mouths.  But he is definitely starting to teethe.  He puts everything into his mouth and gnaws ferociously on it!

He's still just a big ol' happy face!!!  Oh that's wonderful.....HE is wonderful :)

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Grams said...

Love those sweet pictures.


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