Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Visitors

We had some special visitors earlier this month.  Billy's Mom, little brother and Granny came.

Billy's Granny is 91 years YOUNG!  She's full of spunk and is sharp as a tack.  She's an absolute HOOT and we enjoyed her so much!

She is interested in everything!  We teased her a little about how she asks so many questions, but she just loves to learn.  She even wanted to know about everything I cooked.

The kids got lots of snuggle time w/ Uncle Brian and loved when he would get them all wound up!

Granny lives on a farm in PA.  She still lives alone and throws hay down to the cows from the hay loft.  She is in amazing shape and did great at WII bowling.

Charley Kate's favorite show right now is Baby Einstein's Old McDonald.  Granny enjoyed watching it w/ her and telling her all about the different things.

We had such a great time w/ her and are so thankful she was willing to ride all the way down here to see us.

Special thanks to Grams!  She has done a LOT of traveling this summer and was the one that made this visit possible!  We love you Grams :)


Dixie said...

I've never met her, but she is exactly how I hope to be at that age! Awesome lady!

Cheri said...

Hard to believe that our granny is 91...she is something else and we love her. I am so glad that they were able to make it to your house for a visit. Vail...she is just a traveling fool and we are hoping that soon she will be able to come our guys too.

Love to all,
A. Cheri


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