Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 Months

We had so much going on around Will's 4 month birthday that I forgot to take his photo.  Then when I remembered he was in no mood for photos and we were in a hurry to get out the door so this was the best I could get. ;)
He's doing great.  Growing and getting so smart!  He's creeping and rolling everywhere!!!  We moved him to the pack-n-play and moved Charlotte to the big girl bed.  I was not looking forward to it as I tend to sleep better w/ my babies by my side, but he's such a light sleeper that I think we were disturbing HIM!  Ha!  We have done well w/ the new sleeping arrangement.  I just bring him into bed w/ us when he wakes up to nurse and he stays there the rest of the night.  It's somewhere between 1:30 and 4:30.

He is a go-er.  He will lay content on the floor for a little while, but he'd much rather be strapped onto me watching me do whatever it is that I'm working on.  He sucked him thumb for a day....I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but was going to let him do what he wanted.  The next day he forgot about it.  He's been giving me trouble going down for naps so I've been trying to teach him to take the paci.  He isn't in love w/ it, but it helps calm him down.  Hey, you do what you've got to do.  We are enjoying the stew out of him and can't get enough!!!  ;)

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jennifer said...

He needs to be a thumb sucker too. Give him a good squish from his favorite aunt ( bunny rabbit smiley face)


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