Saturday, July 30, 2011


All the cousins came to Texas!!!!  Our family was so excited all week with the impending arrival of the cousins.  They got here late Friday night....after our kids went to bed....which I didn't think would happen b/c they were so excited!  Saturday morning they woke up bright and early and had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

 From left to right: Katy 4, Jack 4, Charley Kate 2, Avery 7, Vail 6, Suzannah 9 and Molly Beth 6.

Aunt Jen, Micah 2 and Uncle Michael.  Billy's sister and older brother.

 We put in a water slide to really show off how we east Texans have fun in 100+ degree weather.  I think they were impressed  ;)

Yes, he is extremely edible!!!!  I LOVE this picture!

Jack and Katy would play for LONG chunks of time just having a ball!!

Avery rode home w/ us after church so I had to get a red head picture.  Beautiful girls :) Love, love, love the toothless smile!!!!!

Here they are lined up waiting for Vail to see her birthday cake.  She turned 6 and we were able to celebrate w/ her!

Aunt Jen did a great job on her sleeping beauty cake!  

Mom offered to keep CK for the afternoon on Monday b/c Will was needing to be held so much and while she was there Mom painted her fingernails and toenails for the first time.  She learned that fingernail polish doesn't hold up to thumb sucking....

Avery loves babies!!!  She was the same way w/ Charley Kate when she was a baby.  She wanted to hold Will every chance she got.  She will be a sweet mommy someday :)

 We had such a great time w/ everyone!  It was a long drive but we sure were grateful they were willing to drive it.  There's nothing like family.

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Ensor said...

I love how angry I look at my son in that picture. That is my "I am totally over you screaming and crying for no reason at all so I am going to pretend I can't hear you" look. Then of course Michael just thinks it is funny.


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