Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating Jack

Oh, my word, Jack's birthday was so long ago!!!  I don't even remember all the particulars of the event.  It was my due date, I was huge and I was having lots of contractions.  We knew that we were going to take him to the rodeo that night and I was so scared that I would go into labor while we were there!  I was so thankful to be able to be a part of his birthday celebration, but I was a little distracted.

 Jack wanted a spider man cake.  I was in no position to make him one so this is what he ended up with.  He was happy as could be,  :)

I couldn't believe that our baby boy was turning 4!!!!!

We got him his very own bike.  No more pink hand-me-down for him!!!  ;)

It's always so sweet to me how excited the others get for the birthday kiddo to open their presents.

Just Jack and Mommy and Daddy going to the rodeo.  
He was SOOOOO excited about this!  He was talking about how he was going to be a bull rider.  Little does he know, that is number 3 on the list of things his is not allowed to be when he grows up ;)

We had VIP passes (ooh-la-la) b/c Billy's company was a sponsor.  The perks were free dinner and dessert and special seating.  The food was great, but Jack was too excited to eat!

The buckin' bronks were the first to come out.

Then there was a pretty impressive deal where this lady from Oklahoma bossed these Buffalo around and convinced them to get on top of this trailer.  It was neat.

 There was calf roping and the part where the kid do the stick horse race and then the sheep wrestling and then FINALLY it was time for some bull riding!!!

Jack loved it!  We just knew that he'd fall asleep on the way home, but he was finally hungry.  So at 10:30 at night we stopped at Sonic on the way home and picked him up some popcorn chicken and a banana split.  He didn't make it to the banana split, bless his heart.  But boy did he have a great time.  My folks watched all three girls all night.  Jack felt like such a special boy to get to spend to much time w/ just us.  It was a wonderful day for a wonderful boy!  :)

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Piano mom said...

Sounds like a great birthday. Poor guy didn't get the banana split.


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