Friday, July 29, 2011

3 Months

I missed his actual 3 month b-day b/c we had family in town and then he got a cold so I'm posting it a week late.  Like I said, he had his first cold.  Ran fever and had a runny nose, wasn't sleeping well and wanted to be held all. the. time!  He didn't show off for his aunt and uncle, but at least he's back to his sweet self again.

Will is rolling over and scootching when he's on his belly.  Crazy!  He loves laying on his floor mat and grabbing the hanging toy and putting it in his mouth.  He's a big fan of patty cake and attention in general!

                                                                                                                                                                                            He is growing like crazy and wearing 6 month clothes!  He goes in to the doc on the 8th so we'll see exactly what he weighs.  He is happy and healthy and wonderful.  What more could we ask for?


YaYa and Pops said...

He's just yummy!

Laura said...

I agree with YaYa.... his cheeks are so fat you could just eat them up. Like yummy marshmallows!

Grams said...

sweet sweet pictures

Piano mom said...

What a cutie!

Rand and Maggie said...

He sure is growing up! I saw you guys from way across the Worship Center last week but couldn't get to you! When our nest is empty in a couple of weeks (!) we want all of you to come over for a meal so we can get to meet Will!
Love to you all,
Maggie & Rand


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