Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scenes From Round Here: May

This picture is actually from April, but he looked so cute I had to share :)

Apparently he woke up chilly this morning...

We started school back up...all of us ;)

Well, except him.

Forts were built. Complete w/ trash fire pit.

Told ya he was chilly.  This is outside, in East Texas in May....w/ mittens!!??

Will's first underwater bath was in the first week of May.

Bunny was loved on.

Dollies were taken care of.

Experiments were done.

Grams visited and held sweet baby Will for the first time.

Stories were read.

Pouting may or may not have taken place...

B is our early riser.  She is usually the first one up and dressed.  This is great b/c then she can hold Will while the rest of us get ready!!

Warriors defended truth and honor and.....dignity :/ 

Will was held and loved on and held and loved on and held and loved on....

Chickens pecked.

And the sprinkler finally got played in.

It was a whirlwind of a month but we made it through!!!!  :)


jennifer said...

That picture of CK where she may or may not be pouting is so sweet!! I want it :) Miss you guys. Looks like fun. Well except for the part where Jack was bundled up . That just made me hot. To each his own.

Mamalion Kara said...

That made me laugh! Adorable look at May....Pouting pic was too funny! Wish I was as good at blogging as you, but God has us all just the way he wants us!


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