Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will is One Month Old

I can't believe it's been one month already.  He's doing great and growing.  He continues to have fussy times, but he is getting better.  We have decided to go ahead and take him to the chiropractor.  I think it will at least give us peace of mind.  He is smiling now and cooing occasionally.  He loves to be held...almost too much ;)  I'm having trouble getting things done around the house like I'd like, but today he napped laying down for a long time so I'm hopeful!

I'm so thankful that I know that these first few crazy months will pass.  It helps me take a deep breath and savor instead of stroking out.  The other kids are doing good.  We noticed last week that they were starting to show signs of adjusting.  It was hard.  Jack "ran away", Charley Kate wouldn't get her thumb out of her mouth, Molly Beth was super sensitive and weepy and Suzannah just told us how she was feeling.  We had some talks and snuggles and hopefully as we get back into our routine (loosely) they will be back to normal.

So, he's a sweet, sweet boy....and I have lots on my mind that I'd like to get written down, but I can't seem to find the time right now.  I'm so incredibly far behind in blogging.  But I'll catch up some day ;)  Loving him and all our other littles is a full time job for sure!!!!

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Cheri said...

I think it is quite a feat to blog as much as you do with 5 little ones.

Love to all


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