Thursday, May 5, 2011

How it All Went Down

 *this is the birth story of Will.  It's birth, so read at your own risk! 

Saturday morning at 4am I was woken up by a contraction that I recognized. It was the contraction that says "show time!"  I laid in bed and waited for another one just to be sure. Sure enough, half an hour later I had another one. Finally this sweet boy was going to make his debut! I got up and walked around, picking things up here and there and emptying the dishwasher. Billy heard rustling in the kitchen so he got up and knew  what was going on. He went and got dressed and then came back into the kitchen in time for me to say that I thought we should call the midwife. When to call was a big concern for us because of what happened with ck. we ended up waiting a little longer just to make sure and then called. We also called my mom. By the time mom and dad got here things were starting to slow down and once the midwives showed up it had stopped. She checked me and I was a five. They hung around, ate breakfast and visited and still nothing?! Thalia suggested taking a "vigorous"walk with Billy to get away from pressure in the house and hopefully get things going again. So we went for a long walk. It felt vigorous to me...but I remember Billy asking a couple of times if we were even moving. Funny. On the walk I had three really intense contractions with lots of pressure. We got home and she checked me again. This time I felt more like a four to her!!!! I was discouraged and frustrated. They went ahead and left but she was only going to go as far as Gladewater till noon and see if things came back. My mom took all the kids and Billy and I went Easter shopping. I continued to have these intense contractions and I felt like surly things were happening. So we decided to go to Gladewater to have her check me one more time before she went home (and hour plus from our house). I hadn't changed at all. She said that I wasn't in labor but that I would probably have the baby by Tuesday. Pow! Right In the kisser. I was completely deflated. Not just because I was overdue, but because these contractions were hurting and still not accomplishing anything!!?? We went home and tried to nap, but I was being woken up by contractions and not able to get much rest. From there things spread out so much that I wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was just so different from the way my body has labored before?! Around 11:30pm I had a contraction that was unmistakable! This was it. Billy encouraged me to wait a little longer just to see if they became regular. Well they did so we made the calls. My back was killing me! The only other labor that I had back labor in was my posterior delivery with Molly Beth so I was freaking out about having to go through that again.  Thalia got there and checked me and I was an eight. I continued to labor for what felt like an eternity ( compared to ck ;) and was just so tired from getting up so early that I did t think I was going to make it. I eventually got the strength to walk around to hopefully speed things up. It worked but I was fighting it hard and really struggling to focus on what had to be done. Thalia talked me through three transition contractions and I had my first pushing contraction. Yay...only, I was standing up and felt him drop so low that I was afraid might deliver him onto the floor! They quickly helped me into bed. With one more long push his head was out and with the next one we had out sweet baby Will. He was beautiful and perfect. They checked him over and everything looked great. The only minor issue was that his spine was misaligned. Thalia said that a lot of the time it works itself out, but that if it hadn't in 3-5 days we should take him to a chiropractor. As a result of his discomfort, he hasn't been our least fussy baby. It's not terrible, but we got very spoiled with the last three!! Anyway, after they checked him over they weighed him. I about passed out when they told us how big he was!!!!! I never would have guessed that a 9 1/2 pound baby would fit in my belly!!! I new he was going to be our biggest, but I wasn't thinking that big.
We are adjusting and I'm recovering. With a cracked pelvis again it makes things much harder. I can't even walk!!! I am so helpless and it's hard to not be able to help out with the kids and things around the house. But my mom and Billy are amazing. I am so thankful for their servant hearts. God has been so good and merciful through all of usual. I know we had a ton of people praying for us and I'm so grateful. Our baby boy is here and we are all so very, very happy.

*I wrote this a week ago.  I am doing great now!  My pelvis is healing quickly and I'm walking like normal.  :)


Grams said...

He is so cute I can hardly stand it. Gotta get me some baby Will love real soon:))

Sounds like you had a fairly uneventful time this time at least compared to CK. Glad about that and glad you are recovering nicely.

love to all.

The Cornett's said...

Oh Stacey, he is SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us. Congradulations!!

Rebekah said...

Stacey! Thank you so much for sharing! We've all been dying to know what it was like! You are such an inspiration! He is so handsome too! I can't wait to meet him! I hope you're recovering well!

sallie said...

I think he resembles your dad, Stacey. He looks so alert and big already! And, excuse me, a broken pelvic bone?!! You are one tough mama! Congratulations!

The Clevelands said...

Stacey- he is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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