Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Kid on the Blog

One week ago today.............

Welcoming William Tullus Neal into the world!  What a blessing.  We were in awe of seeing our second born son.  So perfect and healthy and strong.  Amazing.

 Cutting the chord.

Father and son.

Checking him out.  
Super strong boy holding himself up off the bed!

Great lungs ;)

Solid skull...on and BIG head.

   Standing him up.

 No hip problems.

Weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 5 oz!!!!

There's proof of that big head!

Suzannah getting him dressed.

It was so special to share the moments right after his birth w/ our first born.

Smitten.  Absolutely smitten!

Then when the middles woke up they couldn't believe their eyes!!!

So sweet.  Molly Beth was telling him all about taking care of new babies.

Jack is in love with his baby brother!

And then what we were so anxious to see.  Charley Kate's reaction.

Kisses galore!  She was so excited!

And then she felt so big when she got to hold him.

She is very happy with her new role as big sister.

Everybody likes to check those toes!

So, Happy Birthday sweet Baby Will!!!  You are so very loved!  :)


Dixie said...

It's so strange to see Charley Kate and big sister in the same sentence! What a sweet collection of pics. Congratulations guys! Enjoy!

jennifer said...

Yes he is.

Brian said...

My favorite is the first one of Charley Kate holding him.

Grams said...

great great pictures! such a sweetie!

Marie said...

Beautiful- how wonderful that your first born was the first to see your baby! So glad he is perfect! Baby toes are so precious- I understand the attraction :)

Piano mom said...

Too precious.

jaymie said...

LOOOOOVE this post. That first picture is just ahhhhhh what a moment! Way to go girl, you're a total STAR! and what a neat memory for Suz. Can't wait to meet baby will in person!

Amy S. said...

He is so beautiful!!


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