Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We have had a great opportunity to do a home school gymnastics class.  Molly Beth was already enrolled at this place, but they opened up a class for home schoolers at a better price w/ less commitment, at a better time of day for us AND a variety of classes so that all the kids could participate at the same time. THIS was the big selling point for me b/c it is 30 minutes from our house.
It has been great and the kids have all really enjoyed it.  We will be taking this month off for the baby and then evaluate when to re enroll them.  Molly Beth shows so much promise, but she's wanting to do fall soccer and ballet so she will have to take a break from gymnastics.  Suzannah and Jack will probably go back in b/c Suzannah is ONLY interested in pursuing basket ball and Jack needs the help w/ muscle coordination.
I snapped a couple of pictures a few weeks ago.  They aren't the best, but they are the best I could get :)


The Clevelands said...

Yes - we missed you yesterday! Can't wait to see that baby!

Laura said...

Molly B's face is so great in that last picture of her. Such determination! Love that!


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